Brown Red Gamefowl: Speedy Killers to Cross With

Brown Red Gamefowl

Brown Reds are an American gamefowl breed created in the late 1800s by mixing multiple Spanish gamefowl breeds. One notable bloodline is the Wingate line that were heavily inbred, then crossed with a mahogany-colored and dark legged English hen, then linebred to the original bloodline to keep the line intact while introducing vigor.

Brief History on the Brown Red Gamefowl

It is unknown if the Wingate bloodline is the same as the modern Brown Reds present in different gamefarms and fighting in cockpits today, but all of the birds of this breed are typically alike in that they are all great slashers. We’ll talk about Wingate here.

Pure Brown Red by Rooster CB Radio Connection
Pure Brown Red from Rooster CB Radio Connection

The Wingate Brown Reds were imported from Ireland and developed in Alabama in 1870. Joe Wingate used his original birds and crossed them with an English hen so that the offspring can be linebred to the original line and improve the birds. With new vigor in the line, the resulting birds also sported new looks that made them look differently from the original birds. These then looked to have brown feathered and ginger red breasted, hazel eyes, and dark legs while also being heavier.

The heavy mahogany mixed offspring was then crossed with one of Holly Chappell’s standout cocks. Wingate first had to reduce the new mahogany cross through linebreeding then used a hen and crossed it with the new cock. The modern Brown Reds now have a different look resulting from the crosses that breeders can now use as their main bird and improve it.

Key Features of Brown Red Birds

Brown Red  from Michigan Heritage Gamefowl Preserve
Brown Red gamefowl from Michigan Heritage Gamefowl Preserve

Modern Brown Reds now have the following physical features:

  • Medium-sized build
  • Compact body
  • Flat head
  • Single comb
  • Short beak
  • Brown body and red head coloration from mahogany, chestnut, cinnamon, or chocolate colors

These features are starkly different from the original birds.

What Brown Red Gamefowls are Known for

These gamefowls are well-known today as both cockfighters by themselves and as a base breed for breeders to develop their own cockfighters. These birds are well-known as fast slasher birds with aggressiveness and tenaciousness to boot.

What many breeders use this gamecock for is as a base breed by crossing them with Asils and/or Hatches to give them more endurance and power-hitting capabilities to be more versatile in the pit. The infusions allowed the offspring to become more defensive and more calculating than their predecessors as this behavior isn’t characteristic of any Brown Red.

Should Breeders Use Brown Reds for Cockfighting?

While the Brown Red itself is a fast bird, it does lack stamina and some gameness compared to other birds. Still, infusing them with blood from well-known cockfighting breeds will further improve this killer’s fighting prowess. Breeders can experiment with more breeds, including Shamos and Malays to further revitalize the breed or add in Grey blood to give it champion blood.

Asil Gamefowls Appearance
Asil gamefowl, a good bird to pair with

Yes, breeders can use Brown Reds themselves for cockfighting. However, we recommend that they infuse the line with new cockfighting blood after a few matches so they can have an idea on what the line needs to improve as a fighter. Check out our guide on the best sabong breeds for reference.


The Brown Red gamefowl is a popular breed in the Philippines which pairs well with the popularity of Asils and Hatches in the country. Breeders can develop their own fighters using this breed. They can also create their own breed using an infused rooster as a brood cock after it wins its matches, especially with how popular the good pairing breeds are.

Keep an eye out for the iconic brown breasts and red heads of this breed in Sabong International’s online sabong cockpits and you might just get a winning bird that’s notorious for ending fights quickly. Their deadly slashes might be all they need to win a match quickly by breaking wings.

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