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Sabong International – a groundbreaking online platform that redefines the age-old tradition of cockfighting, bringing the exhilarating world of cock fights to the fingertips of enthusiasts across the globe. In the heart of the Philippines, where tradition and technology converge, emerges. We enable aficionados to have easy access to their favorite pastime through our online sabong offerings.

Sabong International

Live sabong is a traditional blood sport that involves two gamefowls fighting each other in a cockpit. This sport has a rich history in the Philippines, dating back over 6,000 years, and other countries worldwide. Multiple casinos in Southeast Asia are powered by different gaming providers, including Diamond Sabong 88 and SV388.

The Fascinating Roots of Sabong

Sabong started out as people pitted chickens against one another. In 1521, Magellan’s chronicler first discovered modern traditional sabong in the Kingdom of Taytay. These chickens are raised and bred to develop certain characteristics, with one point being to make them stronger, faster, and more aggressive. Today, these roosters are raised and bred to produce some of the strongest gamefowls out there. Breeders use crossbreeding and inbreeding to develop new breeds or bloodlines and use certain vitamins and supplements to further improve their gamecocks.

The Fascinating Roots of Sabong

Aside from professional big-name breeders, there are also small gamefarms and local sabong breeders who develop their own breeds that are likely of lesser quality than those bred by professionals. Many specialized breeds are used on official competitions while trial and errors and lesser quality ones are mostly found in other cockpits, especially unofficial ones.

Due to the popularity of traditional cockfighting, online sabong also became popular as an alternative sabong option. This is especially the case during the pandemic when bettors suddenly couldn’t go to their local cockpits and had to register in online casinos and e-sabong sites to play. Sabong International is one online sabong platform where players can register in and watch sabong matches.

Sabong During Festivities: A Cultural Phenomenon

Official and more popular and livelier sabong matches typically happen during fiestas and other festivities as part of the local entertainment. Because of this, sabong became even more ingrained in Filipino culture.

Sabong During Festivities A Cultural Phenomenon

Many local sabongeros are also breeders who raise their own gamefowls to compete with for the joy of it and for the main purpose of competing in competitions. Some barangays may even allow people to eat the defeated gamefowls as part of the festivities.

While online sabong can effectively mimic the feeling of being in an actual cockpit, it cannot mimic the atmosphere of playing in festivals so it cannot substitute for the cultural phenomena.

Sabong International: The Digital Evolution

Even if online sabong and the mobile e-sabong apps from where they can be accessed can’t mimic actual cockfights held during fiestas, they are still popular alternatives thanks to their ease of access. Sabong International is one pouplar online sabong site where players can have access to actual live cockfights.

Sabong International The Digital Evolution

Sabong International is powered by Diamond Sabong and can effectively offer live sabong matches as a fast pace. The gamecocks are presented during the ruweda and players have enough time to inspect the roosters’ physical state and mannerisms to choose which one to bet on. They can easily do this regardless of whether they’re on desktop or mobile devices as long as they’re registered to the platform and have deposited money. Diamond Sabong doesn’t display the match when the bettor doesn’t have enough money in their account.

With the presence of e-sabong platforms, online sabong became popular with many gamblers. This can even potentially rival the popularity of local cockfights and official tournaments.

Online Sabong Versus Local Cockpit Betting

Sabongeros can place bets on sabong matches through either online sabong apps or in their local cockpits, when available. Because of this, they typically have two options for betting with their own pros and cons.

Local betting in cockpits is arguably more exciting since players can watch the match live in-person and there is a chance that they may know how the participating roosters were raised and thus have better chances of guessing which one will win. The main disadvantage of betting in local cockpits is that the matches are extremely limited, especially if there aren’t many breeders in the area and no one from another barangay goes to compete.

DS88 Sabong

Online sabong has plenty of advantages with minimal disadvantages. Bettors will be able to bet on multiple matches as gamecocks are constantly pitted against one another. The number of matches per day can reach the hundreds, ensuring that bettors will have plenty of fights to choose from. The large number of matches also mean a large number of gamefowls and different breeds participating, ensuring that there is much more variety in online sabong than when betting locally.

Latest Sabong International Promotions

Latest Sabong International Promotions

We do not shy away from rewarding its players. The latest promotions are designed to add excitement to your gaming journey. These promotions are time-limited, so it’s essential to seize the opportunity while it lasts.

First Deposit Bonuses

Your journey with us starts with a generous First Deposit Bonus. This bonus is directly related to the amount of your initial deposit. To understand the bonus equivalent, refer to the table below:

1st DepositBonusTurnover

For instance, if you deposit ₱100, you will receive a bonus of ₱38, effectively doubling your gaming potential. To activate this bonus, ensure you confirm it with the customer service team. They will promptly approve and transfer the equivalent first deposit bonus to your account after confirming your eligibility.

Our Turnover Bonuses

The excitement doesn’t end with the First Deposit Bonus. Once you’ve received your initial bonus, you’ll also unlock free turnovers in your account. This means that the sum of your first deposit and bonus will be multiplied ten times, significantly enhancing your gameplay.

Turnover Promotions

Turnover Promotions

The mathematics behind the Turnover Promotions is quite simple. Your bonus turnover is calculated as follows:

  • Bonus turnover is (100 + 38) x 10 for a total of 1380.

In addition, your deposit turnover is calculated as ₱100 x 1 = ₱100. When you add these two together, you get a total turnover of ₱1380 + ₱100, resulting in a total turnover of ₱1480.

To make sure you can fully enjoy this promotion, consider these terms and conditions:

  • This promotion is available to new players who have recently enrolled with Sabong International.
  • Each player is entitled to claim this bonus only once.
  • To make a withdrawal, you must meet the total turnover requirement.
  • It’s essential to maintain a single registered account per player. Multiple accounts may lead to the freezing of funds.
  • The interpretations of these promotions fall under the exclusive discretion of the Sabong International management.

Referral Bonus

We extend our generosity to those who refer their friends to this exciting platform. When you refer a friend to this reliable and trusted online sabong, your referred friend can claim the First Deposit Bonus. In addition, you, as the referrer, can claim 20% of the first deposit amount of your referred friend, provided that they meet the eight times turnover requirement.

Referral BonusActivityBonusTurnover
Activity 1Each Referral20% of the 1st Deposit8x
Activity 2Reach 5 Referrals₱2007x
Activity 3Reach 20 Referrals₱2,0005x

Every registered player is eligible for this promotion. To participate, you must make at least one deposit, and your friend’s first investment should be a minimum of ₱100. To withdraw, the bonus turnover requirement must be met. As with other promotions, having multiple accounts can result in the freezing of funds, as all interpretations of promotions are subject to the exclusive discretion of our management team.

Be Our VIP Member

Be Our VIP Member

Elevate your gaming experience by becoming a VIP member. VIP players enjoy more privileges, bigger rebates, and bonuses that are scattered throughout their playing time. The VIP program offers different levels, and your status depends on your total deposit and betting amounts.

VIP Program Promotion

VIP ProgramVIP LevelTotal DepositTotal BettingMonthly BonusLevel Up BonusBirthday Bonus
VIP 1₱1,000₱10,00081818
VIP 2₱5,000₱50,000185858
VIP 3₱10,000₱100,000388888
VIP 4₱50,000₱500,00058188188
VIP 5₱100,000₱800,000188588588
VIP 6₱500,000₱1,500,0003881,888688
VIP 7₱800,000₱2,400,0004883,8883,888
VIP 8₱1,000,000₱3,000,0005885,8885,888
VIP 9₱5,000,000₱15,000,0008888,8888,888

You must meet the requirements for total recharging and betting in a month in order to keep your VIP level and avoid downgrading. These conditions are detailed below:

VIP Level Maintain Requirement

VIP LevelTotal Deposit of the monthTotal betting of the monthMonthly Bonus
VIP 1₱200₱2,0008
VIP 2₱2,000₱20,00018
VIP 3₱5,000₱50,00038
VIP 4₱10,000₱100,00058
VIP 5₱30,000₱300,000188
VIP 6₱50,000₱500,000388
VIP 7₱80,000₱800,000488
VIP 8₱100,000₱1,000,000588
VIP 9₱500,000₱5,000,000888

Exploring E-Sabong Platforms: More Than Just a Bet

Exploring E-Sabong Platforms More Than Just a Bet

The rise of e-sabong platforms has unlocked a new dimension of entertainment for gamblers. These platforms offer an array of features, transforming the way people perceive and participate in sabong.

Sabong International Live

Sabong International is an online sabong platform regulated by PAGCOR that focuses on offering e-sabong betting options. This platform first gained popularity during the global pandemic and is still continuing its operations today. Sabong International is powered by Diamond Sabong, which means that players will be able to confidently place bets through a reputable gaming provider.

Sabong Worldwide

Sabong Worldwide is a leading online sabong platform that has established itself as a prominent player in this specialized niche. This site offers betting options on simulated cockfights using dynamic odds and high-quality video streams.

Sabong Express Live

Sabong Express Live, another notable e-sabong platform, stands out by offering a preview of the day’s matchups on its social media page. This allows bettors to strategize and plan their bets in advance, enhancing the overall experience of sabong enthusiasts.

Sabong 888

Sabong 888 was a popular e-sabong platform that offered live sabong betting and an assortment of accessible payment methods. Today, the platform is a shell of its former self with fake sites or poorly designed websites being the only ones accessible through Google.

SW418 Live

SW418 was once a popular online cockfighting platform until they ceased their operations. Today, it is nothing more than a defunct website with no functionalities. Any other SW418 platform currently in operation is likely a fake platform.

Pitmaster Live

Pitmaster was once a popular online sabong betting platform until it voluntarily ceased operations in compliance with Rodrigo Duterte’s orders. Any Pitmaster platform still in operation today is a fake unless Atong Ang explicitly announces that they’re renewing their platform.

PH Sabong

PHSabong is a platform owned by ACF Games LTD. PHSabong remains operational today and offers not only sabong betting options, but also other perya games and some rather adult offerings. Players can enjoy at least three different online sabong offerings through this site.

Go Perya

Go Perya is a platform that mimics peryas or fairs that host plenty of different games. Go Perya hosts multiple casino and perya games, including cockfighting. Through this platform, bettors can bet on online sabong matches and other games when they want to take a break from cockfighting.

Downloading an Online Sabong App

Sabong International App QR Code

If you’re looking to download our online sabong app, follow these steps to ensure a hassle-free experience:

Step 1: Visit the Website

Head to and click on “Play Now” or the “Register” button.

Step 2: Access the App Download Section

Navigate to the “App Download” section and scan the QR code appropriate for your operating system – Sabong International offers the app for both iOS and Android devices.

Step 3: Register and Set Up Your Account

Click on the “Register” button to set up your Game account.

Step 4: Complete the Registration

Fill out the necessary account information to complete the registration. This includes providing your account username, password, phone number, and confirming your age. Complete the captcha as required.

Step 5: Download the App

Go to your account, scroll down, and click on “App Download” to initiate the app download process.

Authorization and Registration Process

Authorization and Registration Process

To fully utilize this application, you need to register. Here’s what you should know:

Registration Process

  • Philippine Phone Number: You must possess a working Philippine phone number to open an account.
  • Email and Personal Information: Users are required to provide their email address and other personal information for account creation.
  • Verification via SMS: A unique code sent via SMS will be used for account verification.

PAGCOR Online Sabong Live Update

Online sabong is regulated by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation and all current local e-sabong operations are suspended. Any existing online sabong offerings are held offshore through different gaming providers, including DS88.

Before, PAGCOR ensured that online sabong operations comply with regulations and adhere to fair practices. Today, they’re ensuring that no e-sabong activities happen on Philippine soil.


Online sabong is the digitized or online version of the traditional sport where specially bred roosters fight in a pit. It offers an accessible platform for enthusiasts to engage in sabong betting and experience the thrill of the sport online.

You can play online sabong through legitimate e-sabong platforms such as Sabong International, Sabong Express, Sabong 888, SW418, and others. These platforms provide a secure and exciting environment for betting on cockfights.

Yes, online sabong platforms are accessible on PCs. You can easily log in to your account and place bets using your computer, providing a convenient way to enjoy the sport from the comfort of your home.


Sabong International has emerged as a trailblazer in the iGaming scene as it effectively specializes in a nearly untouched niche outside of Southeast Asia. It comfortably competes with other big names and still remains in operation today, offering some of the best cockfights players will see without any worry of the games being fixed with rigged RNG. At Sabong International, players will have access to live online sabong matches instead of the video sabong offered by other platforms and providers.

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