Sabong International Promotions | Win ₱59,444 Today!

Sabong International Promotions Win and Get up to ₱59,444

Welcome to the world of Sabong International, where the thrill of exciting fights meets generous promotions and rebates that are sure to elevate your gaming experience. Sabong International is more than just a platform; it’s a place where players can reap the rewards of their dedication and enthusiasm. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the latest promotions, bonuses, and the exclusive VIP program that Sabong International offers, ensuring you make the most of your gaming adventure.

Latest Sabong International Promotions

Latest Sabong International Promotions

Sabong International is not one to shy away from rewarding its players. The latest promotions are designed to add excitement to your gaming journey. These promotions are time-limited, so it’s essential to seize the opportunity while it lasts.

Sabong International: First Deposit Bonuses

Your journey at Sabong International starts with a generous First Deposit Bonus. This bonus is directly related to the amount of your initial deposit. To understand the bonus equivalent, refer to the table below:

1st DepositBonusTurnover

For instance, if you deposit ₱100, you will receive a bonus of ₱38, effectively doubling your gaming potential. To activate this bonus, ensure you confirm it with the customer service team. They will promptly approve and transfer the equivalent first deposit bonus to your account after confirming your eligibility.

Our Turnover Bonuses

The excitement doesn’t end with the First Deposit Bonus. Once you’ve received your initial bonus, you’ll also unlock free turnovers in your account. This means that the sum of your first deposit and bonus will be multiplied ten times, significantly enhancing your gameplay.

Sabong International: Turnover Promotions

Turnover Promotions

The mathematics behind the Turnover Promotions is quite simple. Your bonus turnover is calculated as follows:

  • Bonus turnover is (100 + 38) x 10 for a total of 1380.

In addition, your deposit turnover is calculated as ₱100 x 1 = ₱100. When you add these two together, you get a total turnover of ₱1380 + ₱100, resulting in a total turnover of ₱1480.

To make sure you can fully enjoy this promotion, consider these terms and conditions:

  • This promotion is available to new players who have recently enrolled with Sabong International.
  • Each player is entitled to claim this bonus only once.
  • To make a withdrawal, you must meet the total turnover requirement.
  • It’s essential to maintain a single registered account per player. Multiple accounts may lead to the freezing of funds.
  • The interpretations of these promotions fall under the exclusive discretion of Sabong International management.

Referral Bonus

Sabong International extends its generosity to those who refer their friends to this exciting platform. When you refer a friend to this reliable and trusted online sabong, your referred friend can claim the First Deposit Bonus. In addition, you, as the referrer, can claim 20% of the first deposit amount of your referred friend, provided that they meet the eight times turnover requirement.

Referral Bonus at Sabong International

Referral BonusActivityBonusTurnover
Activity 1Each Referral20% of the 1st Deposit8x
Activity 2Reach 5 Referrals₱2007x
Activity 3Reach 20 Referrals₱2,0005x

Every registered player is eligible for this promotion. To participate, you must make at least one deposit, and your friend’s first investment should be a minimum of ₱100. To withdraw, the bonus turnover requirement must be met. As with other promotions, having multiple accounts can result in the freezing of funds, as all interpretations of promotions are subject to the exclusive discretion of Sabong International management.

Be Our VIP Member

Be Our VIP Member

Elevate your gaming experience by becoming a VIP member at Sabong International. VIP players enjoy more privileges, bigger rebates, and bonuses that are scattered throughout their playing time. The VIP program offers different levels, and your status depends on your total deposit and betting amounts.

VIP Program Promotion by Sabong International

VIP ProgramVIP LevelTotal DepositTotal BettingMonthly BonusLevel Up BonusBirthday Bonus
VIP 1₱1,000₱10,00081818
VIP 2₱5,000₱50,000185858
VIP 3₱10,000₱100,000388888
VIP 4₱50,000₱500,00058188188
VIP 5₱100,000₱800,000188588588
VIP 6₱500,000₱1,500,0003881,888688
VIP 7₱800,000₱2,400,0004883,8883,888
VIP 8₱1,000,000₱3,000,0005885,8885,888
VIP 9₱5,000,000₱15,000,0008888,8888,888

You must meet the requirements for total recharging and betting in a month in order to keep your VIP level and avoid downgrading. These conditions are detailed below:

VIP Level Maintain Requirement

VIP LevelTotal Deposit of the monthTotal betting of the monthMonthly Bonus
VIP 1₱200₱2,0008
VIP 2₱2,000₱20,00018
VIP 3₱5,000₱50,00038
VIP 4₱10,000₱100,00058
VIP 5₱30,000₱300,000188
VIP 6₱50,000₱500,000388
VIP 7₱80,000₱800,000488
VIP 8₱100,000₱1,000,000588
VIP 9₱500,000₱5,000,000888


Sabong International offers several exciting promotions, including the First Deposit Bonus, Turnover Bonus, Referral Bonus, and Rebates.

Bonuses are not automatically credited to your account. To claim your bonus, you need to contact customer service, and they will assist you in transferring it to your account if you are entitled to receive it.

If you encounter any issues while applying for bonuses, the best course of action is to contact customer service. They can provide confirmation and guide you through any specific errors or problems you may encounter.

To increase your chances of winning in E-sabong, consider the following tips:

  • Choose the rooster with the most wins.
  • Examine the rooster’s posture and movement.
  • Take note of the rooster statistics provided by the broadcasters.

To participate in online sabong, follow these steps:

  • Search for or ask someone knowledgeable about reliable and trusted online sabong platforms.
  • Visit a trusted website like
  • Explore the available promotions and check players’ feedback before registering.


In conclusion, Sabong International offers a plethora of exciting promotions and bonuses for both new and seasoned players. The platform goes the extra mile to ensure that as many individuals as possible can enjoy these offers. Whether it’s the First Deposit Bonus, Turnover Bonus, Referral Bonus, or becoming a VIP member, Sabong International has something for everyone. Register today and start reaping the benefits of these amazing promotions. Happy gaming!